Talk Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Date: 17th March 2020
Times: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Pendle Heritage Centre

Lancashire Wildlife Trust are a  local charity, working hard to improve the local area for wildlife and for people in Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside.   Since 1912, The Wildlife Trusts have been speaking out for nature in the UK their organisation is unique – while most of their work for wildlife takes place at local grassroots level, they have a national voice.

Bill Oddie and Kate Humble at Mere Sands Wood. Rufford. Credit: Lancs. Wildlife Trust

They aim to restore, recreate and reconnect wildlife-rich spaces in rural and urban areas by working in partnership with local communities, landowners, schools and businesses. They are identifying key areas to protect for wildlife; enlarging, improving and joining them up across the UK on nature reserves, in towns and cities, and in partnership with hundreds of other landowners.

Murmuration of Starlings. Heysham. Credit. Lancs. Wildlife Trust

The Wildlife Trust is a membership organisation – their members share a love of nature and care about protecting wildlife for future generations. This support allows them  to work on your doorstep to create and connect habitats, giving wildlife a chance to thrive and protecting wild spaces for people to enjoy.

Wildlife Trust Logo

Banner Image: Orange Tip Butterfly. Attribution: Alice Singleton