Visit to the Terracotta Army in Liverpool

Date: 2nd October 2018
Times: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Pendle Heritage Centre

Our October trip to Liverpool that was quickly booked up is to visit the Terracotta Army at the Liverpool Museum, we will also have time to visit other nearby cultural venues.  The display includes some of the warriors from the vast army that was discovered in 1974 by farmers digging a well.

Group of Terracotta Warriors at Xian. Attribution: Richard Chambers

The Emporer Qin Shi Huang must have thought he would have had no fear of being attacked by enemies when he buried a terracotta warrior army to accompany him in the afterlife.     The figures date from 210-209 BCE (Before Common Era) and vary in height according to their rank. Also included are chariots and horses. An estimated 8,000 soldiers 130 chariots and 670 horses are included in the pits, which also contain officials, musicians and acrobats.

Terracotta Army exhibition at Gydnia Poland 2006. Attribution: Tomasz Sienicki

The Project began when the Emperor ascended the throne at the age of thirteen and the work involved 700,000 workers.  Qin Shi Huang was also buried with wondrous objects and artefacts near land that was rich with gold and jade and 100 flowing rivers of mercury. No health and safety there then……

Terracotta Army Xian. Attribution: Richard Chambers

Its worth reading about this fabulous hoard and if China is too distant a venue for a visit you could still see if there are any tickets left online.   Showcasing objects from one of the world’s greatest archaeological discoveries, this unmissable exhibition spans almost 1,000 years of Chinese history; from the conflicts and chaos of the Warring States period, to the achievements and legacy of the Qin and Han dynasties.