Calf Hill Dig 28th July – 3rd August- Day 1

On a day of sunshine, wind and heavy rain, trench 1 (2m x 4m) was opened on the northern side of
the bank and ditch feature. The turf was difficult to remove, probably due to the recent dry weather.

Calf Hill Day 1 Trench 1


Once the turf had been removed, the top soil was trowelled. Removal of the grey, loose topsoil
revealed a compacted yellow clay layer through most of the trench. In the bank, stones were within
the clay, suggesting the reinforcement of the bank.
The outside ditch contained a strip of darker soil. This could be a furrow from the ploughing in the adjacent area. Alternatively, the darker area could have been caused by the roots of reeds. Further investigation is needed in this area.

Calf Hill Day 1 Trench 1


Finds were made in the topsoil and the junction between the topsoil and the clay layer. These include a piece of modern glass, bone, eyelet, chert flakes and a bullet.

Calf Hill Day 1 Bullet