What We Do

Our aims are to inform people about the rich heritage of North East Lancashire and the Pendle area in particular. We encourage people to explore the Museum and support Pendle Heritage Centre and through money raising events we directly fund and support the Heritage Centre itself.

What We Do

Walks, Talks, Entertainment, History and Archaeology.

We’ve had something for everyone in our local area and beyond… Anglesey and Arbour Low, we’ve dug up Bomber Camp. Canal walks and talks and Idle women, coal mining, Clitheroe, Corn Mills, Cromwell – seen his journey and the Cowkeepers of Liverpool. Chinese armies. Mills, Museums, Manors, Methodist Chapels, Manchester’s Barbarolli and Mesopoatamia. Anyone for Minsters? we’ve been there done that – Beverley and York and abbeys too. Mackintosh – Rennie. Rimington, Ribchester, Stainforth, Stockport, Ship Canal, Stoke on Trent we’ve even been to Wales and across the border into Yorkshire. And once a six day trip to Orkney. We have updated ourselves through to the Rock n’ Roll era too with one of our Patrons – Bobby Elliot a local lad – the drummer from the legendary Hollies group.

Romans, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Mediaeval folk and Georgians and don’t forget we’re still living with the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution… done that too. We’ve been back to the Stone age, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages. Flowers and Voices, Fairy caves, Victoria cave and global warming. Tiffany and Tommies’ Tipple.

Lady Ann Clifford, lime kilns, lime gals, packhorse bridges, Llandudno and even lost railway stations. Did we mention the history of the flushing loo? We’ve heard about the Respectable Rebels – local girls and Pendle Radicals all.
Quiz nights and Christmas Crackers, scurrilous scullery maids, we’ve been totally ‘Spellbound’ by the lot of it. And don’t tell anyone but we’ve even been seen flying through the air – and without a broom stick .

We’ve seen, heard and done a lot but there’s still more to see and do or revisit again. And whilst some of us might not want to move out of Lancashire we also travel elsewhere in the country for walks, day trips and our annual residential trip. We are always open to suggestions – of the right sort – from our members.

We have a programme of 8 talks in full from September to May, four in the afternoon and four in the evening. There’s an eclectic mixture of history, heritage, archaeology, garden and random other subjects.

Fund Raising

We raise money from subscriptions and we welcome donations. We also hold events to raise money such as talks, garden events and quiz nights. Our second hand book shelf in the café also raises money for our funds. This is important as the Heritage Centre is a stand alone charity which is run by its own board of Trustees and does not receive any support from central or local government and its annual running costs are over £600,000.  Please visit our Donate page

See also How the Funds are Spent .

Whilst doing all of this we want to have fun and enjoy ourselves too, so come along and join us and get involved.