Christmas Party

Well, what a party that was!  27 people, plenty of food, very little alcohol but plenty of games!   In fact it were a reet gud do!  It was great to see some new faces as well as old ones (!) including some who joined with not a little trepidation that the games might prove to be rather rough but no, not the case at all!

jean-flashing Musical chairs, stepping stones, suits, quizzes, rolling a pound coin to win a bottle of wine and the favourite of many – potato bowls.  Several of us had been practicing hard all year for the Pendle Potato Bowls Championships but to avail, it was won by a total novice!  There’s a rumour going round that this will be an Olympic sport shortly but whilst they may say that, I couldn’t possibly comment!stepping-stones

Thank you to PHC for laying a great buffet and to those who felt that 9.30pm was too early to finish, may I point out that many of us are normally drinking our cocoa or Horlicks by then!

I really feel that this last photo  is just too good to ignore so can we have your captions please?img_0537-small

We’ve had two excellent suggestions:

‘I tell you, I can see this bright star!’ – Alex

‘Now where did I put those C14 carbon dating samples?’ – David