Another Widdop Wander



A small group – The Secret Six – set off for Widdop Reservoir with lashings of ginger beer and buns for an adventure seeking pre historic and other material on the shores of the reservoir.

Looking north towards a lowering sky

There was evidence of habitation and activity from various ages including Mesolithic times and  from when the settlements had been flooded and there were finds aplenty lying on the surface including pottery and lithics.  We observed what could have been a couple of ‘platforms’ where buildings used to stand,  which would probably have included barns. What with ancient tree roots and ‘fairies brains’ there were puzzles aplenty.   A more obvious find was the evidence of a covered stone drainage channel, any guesses as to dates here? The work of the water board was much in evidence as we travelled.

Stone covered water drainage channel

Overall the weather was kind to us, so much so that we relaxed as we ate our sandwiches basking in the midday sun on the lovely and unexpected beach.  We circled the entire reservoir, possibly three to four miles and then set off home for tea.

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