Wonderful Wednesday indeed after the deluge of the previous two days. No rain and the stream was running clear. Today we continued lowering context 2 and are playing catch up in the small uphill extension.

Trench 1 + extension

We are having to go frustratingly carefully at the moment. Usually we would be at least twice as far down but there has been a significant amount of material pre dating the Georgians that requires a degree of delicacy and care so we can’t be too bullish.

Find Of The Day was by Catherine in the extension and is pre Georgian but not particularly delicate. It is a sherd from what was probably a Stuart platter or charger.

Find Of The Day – pottery sherd, probably from a Stuart platter or charger

There was a bit of competition for Beast Of The Day. Cuteness won and the decision went to a miniature myriapod, probably a baby centipede.

Alex Whitlock