Yesterday we finished digging, so today we had a few things to do before we could start throwing all the stuff we had taken out over the last fortnight back in again. Sooooooooooo in the morning we photographed and recorded all the sections (the sides) of the trench. Only then did an elite task force of three put over seven tonnes of stone, soil, & etc, back into the trench and tamp it down ready for the turf – in under 4 hours mind you. Just goes to show how tough rice pudding skins can be. I was amazed and have to say a huge thank you to Idris​ and Peter for their superhuman efforts. Hope they can move in the morning.

2 out of 3 of the back filling team – pyramid to the fore

Find Of The Day was among the stones removed from the feature. It will need confirmation but we seem to have at least one hammer stone from Feature 1.

Find Of The Day – a possible hammer stone

Beast Of The Day was a gorgeous ground beetle that spent time running over us ensuring we were free from slugs.

All that remains to be done on site is putting the sods (that huge Mesoamerican pyramid in the pic) back where they came from & putting the site hut back as it was before we invaded.
Then it’s the post ex, starting with washing the finds we have found since the last rainy day – anyone up for a bit of scrubbing?

Alex Whitlock

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Beast Of The Day – this gorgeous ground beetle

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