AGM and Aspects of Pendle

The AGM was conducted satisfactorily and dear friends, as there was no one to step into the breach!,  last year’s committee members were reinstated. At the end of the evening we enjoyed a light supper, before that however we were treated to some aspects of Pendle that we did know and quite a few that we didn’t know but should have known.

Cotton grass on the Barley Moor slope of Pendle Hill.
Attribution: Dave L.

Andrea Smith drew on her wide knowledge of the area and demonstrated with images, lovely views of packhorse bridges and Pendle, a white horse and a horse’s head, a connection to a veterinary surgery here.

Looking across the east face of Pendle Hill. Attribution: Kevin Rushton

Spires and bell towers, stocks, singing ringing trees, wuzzing holes, pinfolds, crossroads, spiders webs, tramlines, a two ton flag stone worthy of a Queen to step on,  (don’t tell the folk from Rossendale that it came from Rawtenstall!) phew, Clarion House, war memorials….. I could go on…. It was a very interesting and informative evening.

And to cap it all an atom!

Atom at Wycoller, one of a series of Panopticons in NE Lancs. Courtesy of Mark Belshaw. Plus, a good example of a vaccary wall can be seen in the foreground










The image on the banner heading that shows the might and power of geological glacial forces, is attributed to Jon Royle.  Worston Moor forms the NW side of Pendle. Shot long range from Clitheroe Castle.