Calf Hill Day 4

Day 4

Another fine, dry but windy day allowed continued work in Trench 2.

Calf Hill Day 4 Wood on Cobbles

The stone feature from the east of the trench was uncovered in the west of the trench. This was difficult due to the plant roots which slowed progress. In the east of the trench, a compacted layer was discovered. Context 2, consisting of a decomposed organic layer, was removed. The cobbled area (Context 3) seems to extend through the southern half of the trench.

Calf Hill Day 4 Metal Object

Trench 1

Trench 1 was back filled leaving the structure of the bank uncovered, allowing visitors to view the bank’s construction. It is possible that the bank at this point has been raised. This perhaps relates to 1WW trench training. The banks in other parts of the monument, which are lower, are potentially more original. This idea will be explored by opening another trench.

Calf Hill Day 4 Wooden Stick