PAG – Walking round the Limestone Workings at Shedden Clough

On a morning of mixed weather – sunshine, rain, hail and wind we walked around the amazing manmade landscape that is the remains of the Shedden Clough limestone industry.

Intrepid walkers at Shedden Clough. Attribution: C. Rousseau

It is thought that the limestone workings were in use from the 16th century until the late 18th century when local lime was in demand for building and agriculture. It was only with the opening of the canals that lime production in other areas became more profitable.

Pack Horse Route at Shedden Clough. Attribution: C.Rousseau Jones

Shedden Pack Horse Bridge. Attribution: C. Rousseau Jones

The walk started at the storage ponds, where water was stored from the nearby streams before being released down the hill. This washed out rocks which could be sorted. Those containing limestone were fired in the kiln. The extracted lime was removed from the site by the ‘Limegals’ (ponies).

The walk was shortened due to the weather. Our trip to Hurstwood and Worsthorne will take place at a later date