Heritage Group – Trip to Charles Rennie Mackintosh Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery.

Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to ……’ Liverpool.       A smooth journey and good weather.

The Harvest Moon by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Public Domain

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Exhibition was delightful. Although it wasn’t only his work that was on display there were other interesting and gorgeous contributions from the Glasgow School of Art amongst them Talwin Morris. Apparently the Glasgow School was the only place in the UK where an Art Noveau movement took hold.

The iconic pieces, the high backed oak chair, the rose pattern were all there.   So to were the famous gesso panels by Mackintosh’s wife, Margaret Mcdonald,  another gorgeous inclusion and the free standing clock was a delight in style, balance and craftsmanship.

The Wassail. Charles Rennie Mackintosh 1900. Public Domain

Metalwork, embroidery, art, a variety of furniture, book covers, posters, flower paintings, panelling, light fittings .. What a treat and worth seeing again, its on until August 26th.

Also showcased were items from the famous artistic tea rooms of Miss Catherine Cranston in Glasgow. Including a never before seen outside Scotland section of the Chinese Room of the Ingram Street Tearoom.

Of course the Leonardo de Vinci drawings drew us in also.   The fine detail of his work is superb and the intricate braiding on the Head of Leda was stunning, another must see. Twelve museums across Britain have twelve drawings and they will then be displayed in London at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

Study of the Head of Leda by Leonardo de Vinci. In the Public Domain in the USA and other countries.

All in all a good day out and two for the price of one!   Where to next time? Suggestions welcomed.