Talk – Artefacts reported to the PAS in the past 18 months.

We were pleased to welcome back Alex Whitlock, one of our members who is also a Finds Liason Officer from PAS (the Portable Antiquities Scheme).  Alex outlined the work of PAS in helping to preserve what is in the earth beneath our feet. These are finds brought in by walkers, gardeners, farmers and metal detectorists.

PAG Talk by Alex Whitlock. Feb. 2022

There is a Treasure Act, now being revised but perhaps the real treasure lies in everyday minutae that is not official treasure trove but represents the social fabric of our cultural lives. Obviously whether finds are recorded for posterity and the site too, is down to the finder of the object.    Alex stated that every find recorded is a page from the past.

Some finds are artefacts of transition, that is, there is no real definitive marking of say Iron Age (IA)and Roman periods.  An example was a very rare strap mount thought to be late IA/early Roman.  A “flashy piece of kit” of regional significance.  Another rare find was thought to be a Flesh Hook, mid Bronze Age (BA) 1300-1600 BC made of copper alloy.

In time for Valentine’s Day was a ** heart shaped copper alloy box with a gorgeously decorate millefiori type lid in red glass in a minute checker pattern.

From the Mesolithic era to the Modern era we saw plenty of fascinating objects. A beautiful mirror handle, a balance arm, hinged pin, circular lead weight, ceramic and limoges ware we saw them all.  Not forgetting Richard 11 penny, pommel head and a gold Escudo of Joanna of Castile, just as important was the cap badge from WW1 which indicated the whereabouts of the army.

Attribution: PAS

A very interesting talk and some superb finds. All the finds were from Lancashire and Cumbria but mainly Cumbria. So  let’s be on the lookout for treasure near to home…….

Banner Image: see **.   All images courtesy of Portable Antiquities Scheme