AGM and Talk: Romans, Quakers and Textiles, the story of Old Road Thornton in Craven

Despite the change to our new venue we had a decent turn out for the AGM. We elected a new committee and since the AGM Dawn Beaumont has agreed to be the new Chair of the Friends. This leaves the committee in a much stronger position than at this time last year.

Vera Brearey had an idea for a project which turned into a book part of which was the basis of her  talk on Romans, Quakers, and Textiles, the story of the Old Road in Thornton in Craven and the people who lived there in the past.

One end of the lane is pretty much directly on the route of the Roman military road from Ribchester to York and faint traces can be seen approaching the Roman fort at Elslack.

Old Road, Thornton in Craven. Courtesy of Vera Brearley

Her story also involved the people that lived there especially in Throstles Nest, a prominent house in the area. Worsted woollen cloth and cotton was made around the area and there were spinners and weavers. The family at the house were Quakers and had to pay fines for not attending church by giving oats from the farmland instead of money.   One member of the Wilson family was part of a group of  Victorian gentlemen astronomers.

Vera also researched the tramp weavers or itinerant mill workers who would turn up each day to see if there was work if regular workers were off sick.  Being five minutes late meant that pay was docked for the day.   Harsh times then.   This was a most interesting and enjoyable talk, Vera brought life to the families and buildings in that area.

People who wanted to know more were able to buy Vera’s book. On sale for £5


Banner Image: Old Road in Winter. Courtesy of Vera Brearey.