Guided Tour of Stonyhurst College

Our tour of Stonyhurst College, Museum and Exhibition was perhaps a bit of a Marmite tour, you either loved it or you didn’t and it wasn’t without its critics. It was dominated by Shakespeare, though that wasn’t the original intention when the tour was booked back in February. However, we trod in academia and saw a copy of Shakespeare’s first folio turned to a page from The Taming of the Shrew. Did it make a few hairs stand on end? Perhaps not. Stories of hang-ups regarding individual learning experiences of Shakespeare were shared, though I counted myself lucky to have been taught by the engaging Sister Mary David. The Curator couldn’t be faulted for her passion and had devised an exhibition in the Museum where an eclectic mix of objects and their attached Shakespearian quote was aimed at luring in pupils to go and look deeper into the appropriate play. The dominant object was an alligator masquerading as a crocodile to tie in with the quote from Anthony and Cleopatra: `What manner o thing is your crocodile? It is shaped, sir, like itself`. Further frustrations of the day were compiled by the farmer’s last minute cancellation of our visit to his Cruck Barn. He reasoned that his cows urgently needed to be brought from his saturated fields into the dry of the barn. There’s no arguing with that. I almost misquoted Richard 111: `A cow, a cow, my kingdom for a cow`.