Recent Works by Ribble Valley Archaeology

Barrie Tyrer, a keen amateur archaeologist, along with others, had taken on a project to investigate part of the Roman road around Downham and Rimington. They did this by first digging test pits, which are mini excavations usually 1 square metre. These are ways to obtain maximum information from minimum damage and take very little time to complete. They are also a good way to introduce people to the process of archaeology. This was followed by a larger excavation which found a well preserved section of road. Through his slides, Barrie was able to illustrate what they had discovered in the test pits and larger excavation. During the last year they have started a new project to look for a lost Chapel These recent excavations have found demolition rubble and medieval pottery but it is early days. The dig was on private land and so the team kept the site a secret. Specimens from this latest excavation were labelled and displayed for us to marvel at. A very informative and fascinating talk.