Betsy the Scullery Maid

Our Christmas event was very well attended and people were pleased to welcome local actress Joanne Halliwell in the guise of Betsy the Scullery maid with her quick wit and big gob.  Betsy is a simple soul, perhaps one bauble short of a Christmas tree and Joanne carried it off superbly.

There were double entendre aplenty and what happened when the sixpence  sprang out of the Christmas pudding and the Master chased it down the cleavage of a rather buxom serving maid had the audience roaring with laughter.

Six of the audience participated in a tongue twisting 12 Days of Christmas to the merriment of everyone. This was written by Betsy and the afternoon concluded with good cheer, sherry and mince pies. She was so popular we are hoping to engage Joanne in another of her guises in the future, it’ll be well worth seeing!

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