Our Lancashire Heritage Day

Eeee by gum… what a gradely day that was.   We were chuffed wi’ good weather and able to spill out inter garden and the courtyard and mill around in the warm sunshine.

Local Morris dances performed by local Morris dancers – The Malkin Morris Dancers, whoever knew there was a Morris dance called Whalley!    They were a bonny sight and it was thrilling to be part of the audience and see bygone aspects  of our local heritage come to life. The live musical accompaniment was superb.

“Didn’t they have a lovely time…” when people joined in

Secret Singers, all forty of them! They were truly “Marvellous” –  as they sang to us at the end of the performance and yes we did  “… See Diamonds”.

Take your partners and dance..

What with Spinning by the Craven Spinners, Bobs Books, Poetry by Mervyn and modern Lancashire Dialect Songs on a key board with a difference by Adrian Hartley, whoever would have thought we would have heard refrains of Bohemian Rhapsody?

The Lancashire Tea included delicious Wycoller and Noyna cakes,  aye we used our loaf there, reet enuf.

A Great Big Thankyou to all those who took part and contributed by giving gifts for the tombola and ter raffle and to all who donated their time and energy in helping to make it such a lovely day: Andrea and Jean, Lynn, Barbara, Sue and Sue, Geoff, Georgina, Gwen, Alan and Alan and Adrian, Roger, Janet, David, Peter, Catherine, Mervyn, Joanne and Bob and apologies if your name isn’t on the list.

Thankyou also to Sue Nike for those wonderful displays on Womens Sufferage and The Clarion.   There was a plethora of heritage at the Heritage Centre on Sunday. Helped of course by the Friends of Real Lancashire who gave us more information about our Lancashire Heritage.

Lucky winner of the raffle

We ‘ad clogs and maidens and t’ cheese were standing there like fourpence.

Well, we  were all jiggered at the end of the day, ready to nip to foot of ower stairs after some Corporation pop. Ah’ll stop mithering now and harping on, just to say we were chuffed at making a profit of around £300 – yer can’t spit any feathers at that!  It were grand that folk didn’t come baht money.

At the end of the day volunteers enjoy a well earned break

Ta rah for now

Next event: Idle Women – July 3rd see website for more details… There certainly weren’t any idle women there last Sunday!