PAG Calf Hill Dig. Season 2 – Part 3. Day 2

Trench 6 extension

The second day of the dig took place on a hot summer’s day. Although this resulted in the day being shortened, a lot of work was completed in the southern part of the trench.

The decision was made to extend the trench to reveal more of the stone feature. Typically, the spoil heap was in this direction.

2nd Track. Day 2 August

The extension revealed a stone surface with some Nori (Accrington) brick within. Further investigation discovered that the stone surface had been laid on top of the cobbled surface – a layer of bricks, then flat stones, then an area of more haphazard stone. Suggestions for this area included a track for the construction of the reservoir or army use, or an area of hard standing used for an unknown purpose. It was not possible during the current dig to find out whether the surface was in a discrete area or if it extended as a track way. The presence of Nori bricks as a base of the feature and within the feature date it to no earlier than 1887 (dates of start of brick production). The cobbled road beneath this therefore probably dates to before 1887. Production of Nori bricks ceased in 2008, but it is unlikely that the surface is of this date.

Accrington Brick. Day 2. August

Banner Image: 2 roads (from the north).   All images attributed to Catherine Rousseau Jones