PAG: Down, down, deeper and down……..

Well… Status Quo weren’t exactly on our minds last weekend….. but we did go deeper down.   A small group dug near to Calf Hill on the flanks of Pendle Hill, socially distanced of course with gloves and hand sanitiser.

Deeper and down. July 2020. Calf Hill.

After a geo physical survey last year led us to believe that there might be things to be found we trialled the Leicester University test pit method and found – nothing of note.    In the corner of one trench we did go deeper and down but unfortunately there were no signs of human habitation.  Of course according to archaeologists, the positive side to this is that there  is nothing there, that’s what they say!  Apparently geo physics is a good tool but not an altogether accurate one,  in the past it has shown anomalies that were not visible on excavation and likewise has shown nothing when a dig has revealed findings.

At a distance… July 2020. Calf Hill.

Despite finding nothing it was a pleasant day on the moorland with good company, it hasn’t put us off though, we can always return at a later date in the possibly socially distanced future.

Socially distanced digging. July 2020. Calf Hill.