Winter Words 2024

Sue Allonby commenced by lighting three candles, representing the storytellers, the listeners and readers, and the traditional stories shared from around the world. She then enthusiastically narrated tales of ‘A Cat, a Mouse, a Pig, and a Cow, who all got home before MIDNIGHT’; the ‘Magic Lemon’ featuring a flying carpet; ‘Captain Robert Parker and the haunted Extwistle Hall’; ‘Meg, the dancer, and the Monster who lived in a deep dark cave’; ‘A Huntsman and Silver Beaked Birds’. Sadly the candles were then extinguished – until the next time!

Anna Kirkup’s debut novel Through the Hazel Tree is a young adult fantasy fiction, which has received immense acclaim. Anna has always had a vivid imagination, which brings out witches, fairies, nymphs, and tricksters, and dreamt of being an author. At age 7 she received the perfect Christmas present – a red laptop. Growing up she had the encouragement of a High School teacher to write, and her favourite author was Jacqueline Wilson. Anna’s latest book is Beneath the Hazel Crown, with writing commencing on her next book to complete the trilogy. What better recommendation than a friend’s daughter asking for a signed copy of her book for Christmas.

Linda Sawley started writing when a revolutionary new treatment for childhood asthma was discovered in the 1980s. After no interest from publishers, Linda decided on self publishing, under the name of Linric publishing, with Everyone Else’s Children. An insight at the talk was given into the life of an author, from a first book signing event with no books, the importance of a good book cover – resulting in having competitions for covers – winning a community cup award for publishing for charity, book sales dropping due to the popularity of Kindles, to writing The Quiet Neighbours in lockdown. So when will the next Linda Sawley novel be published?

Geoff Crambie, a Colner, born and bred. An 11+ failure and now a Freeman of the town, who is proud to have written ten books – the first at age 34, and his last at age 74 – saying ‘the hardest thing about writing a book is what you have to leave out’. Geoff admitted it is hard with a first book (the second is easier!) and his best book is always his next one. His latest book is ‘Colne Through Time’ with Colin Bean, and his favourite books are: ‘The Catcher in The Rye’ by J D Salinger, and ‘Song of Sunrise’ by Robert Neill. Geoff explained the importance of proof-reading, plus correct names and dates. and how he started self-publishing, choosing the name MM Publishing after Marilyn Munroe, and how you too can write a best-selling book. A man of many talents and tales to tell.

Photo: Geoff Crambie & Dr Chris Holmes