The Restoration of Lytham Hall

Peter Anthony, General Manager, and Paul Lomax gave an insight into their last eight years at the Hall. Peter began his talk by outlining the history of the Hall, originally a Jacobean house, but transformed by the architect John Carr into the Georgian Hall we see today. He spoke about the Clifton family connection, particularly Harry Clifton, whose profligacy ended in the estate’s bankruptcy. Entrepreneurial skills transformed the hospitality section and catering operations and raised much needed funds for the restoration. Illustrated by photographs, Peter took us on the journey of wet rot, missing roof slates, damaged plaster work and leaks. After drying out for over three years, work began on the roof and the facade, putting it back to its former glory. Both for the facade and the restored rooms a historic paint consultant was used. Today, with the help of 340 volunteers, 230,000 visitors a year enjoy the magnificent staircase and unique plaster work, wander through rooms with Gillow furniture, ornate mirrors, sympathetic wallpaper and furnishings. It was clear to the audience that Peter’s contribution to Lytham Hall as it is today has been a culmination of hard work, passion and resilience.