Reports, documents and research submitted by PAG Members.


Jewel-Mill (pdf)Report on the site of Jewel Mill Area in Brierfield which was demolished to make way for the M65 by Ian Rowley.

Greenhead Lane Ditches (pdf)First Impressions of Bank and Ditch Systems in the Greenhead Lane Area of Burnley by Ian Rowley.

Response letter to 2020 PAG newsletters (pdf)Richard Higgin’s response to “An Appraisal of the Vaccary at Barley in the Forest of Pendle” and “Calf Hill Ditch Usage Revised”

Nick of Pendle Lead Mines (pdf) Old Lead Mines near Nick of Pendle a site visit report by Ian Rowley

Pendle Forest Heyhouses and Craggs (pdf) If you are interested in the origins of Sabden and a small hamlet on its outskirts – Heyhouses, then look no further.  Brian Jeffery’s notes may be of interest to you.  Did you know that Sabden had a Calico Mill employing 2,000 people which was said to be the most efficient in the country.  The activities of notable local wealthy people can also be  seen.  Read a resume of the notes of Dr Laycock and the nature of Pendleton Common and the Kings Highway.

Calf Hill with ‘Ditch and Bank’ Review Report 2018-2019 (pdf)

Review of work done in this area by PAG and other local groups by one of our members Brian Jeffery. Brian is keen to keep members informed of what PAG and other local groups have been doing in the area of ‘The Hidden Valley’ over the past decade and has produced this illustrated Review voluntarily.

Calf Hill Ditch Usage Revised (pdf)  An interesting hypothesis on the origin and use of the double bank and ditch system presented by one of our members.

A report on two fieldwalks at the vaccary of Gambleside. in the Forest of Rossendale by Pam Worrell (pdf) Gambleside  vaccary was the most northerly of seven vaccaries in the valley running down to Rawtenstall. Details of the fieldwork carried out in 2012.