PAG – Calf Hill Dig Season 2, Part 2, Tupenny Dig, Day One

 27th July 2019

Trench 7

Clouds, showers and increasingly heavy rain accompanied the start of our summer dig on Calf Hill. Trench 7 (2m x 6m) was opened to investigate an anomaly identified on a geophysical survey in 2018.


Following removal of the turf, the group worked on trowelling Context 1. The trench showed differences in soil colour between the east and west of the trench. The western side of the trench showed darker soil with a large number of quartz inclusions. The eastern side of the trench showed more sandy soil. Trowelling in this side of the trench was made difficult by the large number of grass roots.

Coin 1875 Head.

Work was halted before 2pm due to increasingly heavy rain.


Context 1 provided a range of dateable finds which have been absent in other areas of the site. From the finds, this level can be loosely dated to after 1800 and before 1971. Further investigation into the finds is required.

These two coins give name to the Tupenny Dig of July 2019.

1961 Coin.

All images attributed to C. Rousseau Jones