PAG – Calf Hill Dig Season 2, Part 2, Tupenny Dig, Day Two

Mist and drizzle welcomed us to Calf Hill for the second day of digging. Work was continued in Trench 7, working through Context 1 and Context 2.

Trench 7. Calf Hill July 201. Day 2

The grass roots were removed from the centre and east of the trench by light mattocking. Following this the trench was trowelled until Context 2 began to be seen. Mattocking was again used in the east of the trench to remove loose stones. The nature of the trench seems to have different areas. The western side has dark soil and compacted stones. The centre shows more orange soil with few stones. The east still has some large stones and an area of burning.

Metal. Calf Hill 2019. Day2


The east of the trench continued to produce glass as well as a small piece of brown glaze pot. The glass seems to have some writing on it with “ss” visible and also wavy line decoration. A metal object came from the west of the trench. Context 2 provided our first chert of the dig, with a large piece coming from the feature in the west of the trench.

Glass. Calf Hill 2019. Day 2

All images. Attribution: Catherine Rousseau Jones