Archaeology – Calf Hill Days 1 and 2 – 7th and 8th September 2019

Trench 8

Day 1

On a dry and sunny day, with spectacular views of the areas around, Trench 8 (2m x 3m) was opened to continue investigating an anomaly identified on a geophysical survey in 2018.

CHill Sept 2019 Day 2. Diggers. Attribution: Mike Woods

The turf and top soil were removed by heavy trowelling. Few finds came out of this context. This is a good indication that any archaeology below this context has been untouched by later activity. At the end of day, there were hints of a stone feature in the middle of the trench. This will need further investigation.

CHill, Day 1 Sept. 2019. Modern Finds
Attribution: C Rousseau Jones


Day 2


On another dry and sunny day, work continued on Trench 8 led by Mike.   Once the trench was cleaned back and 3D photographed, it was then extended by a metre on the western side. The stone feature was found to continue in this area with a possible curve. It is also possible that the line of stones runs diagonally through the trench east-west. Analysis of the 3D photographs will give more information on this.

CHill Day 2 Sept 2019. Trench 2. Attribution: Mike Woods

The archaeology seems to support the geophysical information. There is a feature in this area which does not seem to be natural.  As a result of the information gained, the dig has been extended for 3 afternoons. This will enable us to further examine the evidence in the ground and compare this evidence with the geophys results. Plans for future excavation can then be made.   There were lots of fragments of smashed chert in the trench, with one with possible attempted flake removals.

CHill Sept 2019. Day 2 Chert 2.

Attributions re Images:   Catherine Rousseau Jones  Roger Grimshaw  Mike Woods